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Mitch McConnell
  Senate Republican Leaders Weekly News Conference  CSPAN  November 5, 2019 6:03pm-6:21pm EST

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the presiding officer: the senate stands adjourned until senate stands adjourned until including the combination to the judge of the u.s. court of federal flames. followed life senate coverage when they return. here on c-span two. earlier today, senate party leaders held their weekly note news conferences. are the remarks. starting with the republicans,. >> i am really beyond frustrated as our inability to get the defense bill up. they suffered on continued resolutions that went out we had an agreement the summer coming
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up seal. on the agreement, we agreed to what we are going to spend this year and next year we agreed on a process to go forward and in my opinion the democratic leader of the senate has brought honoring the commitment that we all agree to the summer. which would've allowed us to go forward and process most of these bills here in the senate. whatever concerns the democrats might have, would've been worked out and conferenced at the end because the final bills would have to pass both houses anyway. so we are streaming here and creating a problem with that we had already solved. several months ago. so in the meantime, we'll just keep on processing the judiciary, into the democrats love that. and we will give them any of them and keep transforming the judiciary and taking advantage of the opportunities that have been prevented and presented to us by this unnecessary
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stalemate. i'm getting government-funded. >> leaders apple absolutely right, democrats continued to filibuster defense appropriations and credit risk all the funding that are men and women in uniform rely on. and when they do that, it means that they are not finding nuclear defense enemies they are not finding equipment and technology. and what degrees that of men and women need. to defend the country enemies they are not funding in the training needs and that means they are not funding the pay increase which will be the largest dollar just in a decade. those are the things that would democrats lock the den defense appropriation bill, that is what it means for our national security interests. i say that i am hoping at least, that they will come to their senses and realize this has brought the hostage to take. they will make a statement about something, it shouldn't be on the backs of our men and women in uniform.
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we have a responsibility to ensure that they have everything they need to defend america's interest and to protect the american people both here at home and around the world. this constant pattern of blocking defense appropriations has got to stop. this is now the ninth defense appropriation bill since 2014, the democrats have chosen to filibuster. chosen to block. it couldn't come at a worse time. of them met members of our defense department earlier today and this is costing them about $1.5 billion per month about $5 billion per quarter that they have to operate with the cr. as opposed to the higher number that was approved as the leader pointed out in the agreement earlier this year. so start to get on with maggie's business with that means taking care of our vital national security interest that means moving to the defense appropriations to move forward. in the meantime, we will keep moving judges, these are lifetime appointments in there again the democrats have filibustered 70 percent present
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trumps work pics. in spite of that, we are now over hundred and 50 judges approved or a senator blunt points out about 25 percent of the entire federal and jim hill, are present trumps pics. there is work that will be done, linda fortunately for our men and women in uniform, until the democrats come to their senses, will be taking care of their needs and of our national security interests. >> elsbeth moran, this pack we can came out with her health care plan that is not surprising it took so long to come out with it. because it is dishonest and it is from fantasyland. she was a complete takeover by government of american healthcare. if you are one of the hundred and 80 million americans who get your health insurance through work, you will lose it. and you will be forced onto a one-size-fits-all healthcare government run plan. and on this plan, 2 million americans will lose their jobs,
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we take those look at the cost and the taxes, they show astronomical, and now the democrats are pushing the panic button. in terms of the cost, it's going to cost more over the next ten years than we are planning to spend on medicare, social security and medicaid combined. in terms of the taxes, taxes she's proposing, are on top of the taxes she is already proposed. to pay for universal childcare in further giving back her name and forgiving college debt. and then on top of this, she wants to unleash the irs. the internal revenue service to crack down on all american taxpayers. do not be deceived. if you are an american, the end of the he'll live warren healthcare plan, you will pay more, you will wait longer, for worse care.
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so the final decisions were made last week to locate where to locate, the two big egg research agencies, the location for the next ten years or so will be in kansas city missouri. as of the only usda agencies that didn't have representation outside of washington and that also puts in within three hours of land-grant institution partners and brother partners and what they do. i say it is a great move and i say the decision by the secretary of agriculture and the president to move those agencies harder and closer to where their logical partners are and is the great idea. it is also somebody pointed out to me today, the only time since bob burr was elected to the senate, as monday people moved out of washington and didn't go to west virginia. so it is a big step in that direction. they already moving into temporary space there and right now and that permit space has been decided the next decade at
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a time when world food needs are going to be higher than they've ever been before in fact doubling between now and 2060 having this critical egg research jobs in the heart of the best animal and plant research institutions in the country is the great move. >> twice this year already, democrats have stopped us from funding our military. just as last sunday, i participated in a rough march with our officers candidate school at kemp dodge iowa. some of the best and the brightest of iowa army national guard, young men and women who thousand one and become officers in our army guard, and as i was out there marching with us young men and women all i could say about was the fact that the
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equipment that they were wearing, the weapons that they were carrying, all of that has to be provided by funding. and asking from congress. it comes from us folks. and the fact that we were not able to get our job done last week, because the democrats stopped us, is heartbreaking to me. it is our responsibility as congress that make sure that we are training our troops appropriately and we are equipping them appropriately and we can only do that if we have the resources necessary to enable them to do the mission. and so while i was with those brilliant young hardcharging men and women of the iowa army national guard this weekend, i could say about is that we don't have their backs. we don't have their backs because the democrats are stalling. it is a tragedy that we can't
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put the people that spend part freedom first. democrats need to stop this and text and the need to stop the politics and the need to focus on our national security and the men and women that make it possible. >> was becoming increasingly known that every major democratic presidential candidate, every candidate is perceived as having an actual chance at the nomination at this early stage, is embracing some variants of medicare for all where plan at the public options, which could make bankrupt our healthcare providers. folks, we've long known medicare for all is the one-size-fits-all plan and it could knock a hundred and 80 million americans off of the on-the-job insurance that they value. we none of the price tag. and acumen senator warren for actually scoring her proposal. $52 trillion. over a decade. it is hard to wrap our minds
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around a figure that large. but to give some sense to all of you, this is twice the size of our economy. this is two and half times size the size of our national debt. back in indiana, to bring it close to home, in a hoosier who go visit their local dr., or their healthcare provider, they would likely hear from the hospital or dr. that they would go out of business if they accepted medicare rates or all of the patients that they see. so make miss no mistake, this has brought just britney sanders plan. this has brought just he'll live warren plan, all of the major democratic presidential candidates are supporting plans that could put our providers on the path to bankruptcy. they will continue to support high stacked plans. plans that reduce the choices is americans have plans to read dues access is our providers go
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out of business. and meanwhile we republicans, will continue to support policies that cut because that increase freedom and that increased transparency, increased if valued for the american people. [inaudible conversation] screaming washington post reported over the weekend. [inaudible conversation] it would not be an impeachable offense, what would be your view. [inaudible conversation] >> this issue is still in the house and they have only just last week voted to take it up. it was a single republican voted to open this inquirer in the house but for myself, i'm not going to start commenting on all of these episodes that occur on a daily basis that are unfolding over in the house but to see it
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seems to me that they still are not providing the same kind of basic due process rights that were provided both richard nixon and bill clinton. they can emit get the process right. so beyond that, we will wait until we get it here and it looks to me like they're built to do it. and we will end up in an impeachment trial at some. [inaudible conversation] bangmac whistleblower should be outed? what protection party believe in protections. [inaudible conversation] >> i could repeat what i just said. i'm not going to comment sort of on a routine daily basis on all of this breaking surrounding this story over the in the house. at some., it looks to me like they are going to send it over the senate. as you all know, that means we
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have to take it up that went out consent in six days a week on the chief justice is in the chair, and centers are not allowed to speak. so that's the way it will be handled in the senate. [inaudible conversation] do you envision. [inaudible conversation] >> is the problem. we had a lot of retirees. in my state, and west virginia, and ohio. but there are brother pension problems beyond just the these problems. as senator it's been a long time in the on senator brown as as well, obviously there is a real emergency on the cool side, with a sort of the largest remaining employer lift taking bankruptcy. so there is a lot of interest in
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trying to figure out some way forward but i don't know weather it can be confined to just some of the coal part of the problem that we have to go far beyond that. >> be back do you know personally, do you believe that. [inaudible conversation] >> what i am going to do, is wait until we get the case, from the house and it looks like that's going to happen. and withhold judgment on the daily revelations charges and witnesses and all of the rest, that you all of course need to report on as it comes out. that is really all i have to see about that. at this.anyway. i heard your question. [inaudible conversation] how are you preparing the potential trier trial in realizing.
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[inaudible conversation] >> unlike just about everything else that comes to the senate, the majority leader doesn't have much ball control here. we have rules of impeachment in the clinton impeachment, senator reached an agreement on how to handle a process. which then was passed 100 to nothing. presumably, some.humor and i will see if we can agree on a process. after that, the chief justice rules on any motion presumably what we you will see in the well, would be the prosecutors coming over from the house, typically they been judiciary committee people. in the president's lawyer, and they put on the case. we are not allowed to speak when we are in open session which i suggested might be good therapy for some of our members and the
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only time i can record ball during the pleasant trial that we talk was when we went into a private session and has some deliberations. how long it goes on is undetermined. and the clinton impeachment, it went on for a couple of months. but that is up to the senate to decide how long. and so this has brought something the majority can micromanage. like it can on almost every brother issue. [inaudible conversation] >> we have not start started discussing this. the house that's, i say the place to start with to take those look at with the agreement was 20 years ago as a starting place and discuss how we may be able to breathe and to handle the process. after that is largely out of her hands and enhance the chief justice who presides over it. who rules on motions and how
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long it goes on really just depends on how long the senate was to spend on it. i will see that i am pretty sure how it is likely to end. if it were today, i don't say there's any question it would not lead to a removal. so the question is, just how long does the senate want to take. how long does the presidential candidates want to be here in the far the senate instead of in iowa and new hampshire. and all of these brother related issues that may be going on at the same time, it is very difficult to ascertain how long this takes. you be surprised if it didn't end the way to previous ones did when the president has brought being removed from office. [inaudible conversation] >> okay i'm happy to be joined by my colleagues in leadership, senators